Wet N Gone Fusible Water Soluble Stabilizer by Floriani (FWGF)

Floriani Wet N Gone Fusible
Water Soluble Stabilizer

This unique product is a fibrous water soluble stabilizer but also has a light fusible coating which aids in hooping and fabric control. The water soluble base does a beautiful job of supporting dense embroidery designs on fabrics where complete stabilizer removal is desired. Its clean rinse capability makes it the best choice when using it with delicate fibers such as yarn scarves or English netting. Also use for sheer fabrics such as organdy, organza, lame, sheer silks and more to establish a solid type fabric that is easier to hoop and embroider. Once the embroidery is complete, all the stabilizer rinses away and will not shadow through.

To use Wet N Gone Fusible®:

1. Fuse one layer of the stabilizer on to the back of the fabric. Be sure to use a piece
    at least one inch larger than the outer parameter of the hoop to insure proper
    stabilization. *Important - Use a low temp (260°, silk) setting on your iron. Do not
    touch the surface of your iron to the Wet N Gone Fusible®, use a press cloth
    (muslin or cotton). Press quickly! It is not necessary to hold the iron to the fabric
    for more than three seconds.
2. Repeat steps 2-4 from above.

To use regular Wet N Gone® for free standing lace and/or embroideries:
1. Hoop one layer of the stabilizer within the embroider frame. Try to achieve "tight
    as a drum" tension without stretching or distorting the stabilizer. 
2. Embroider the design.
3. Remove the product from the hoop and trim away as much of the stabilizer as
4. Rinse away the Wet N Gone® using luke warm water. *Tip - If your desire is to
    have the lace stiff, simply get the embroidery wet. Don't rinse! Once it is wet, the
    stabilizer will be absorbed into the stitching and will dry stiff. 

To use Wet N Gone Tacky®:
1. Place one layer of the product in your embroidery hoop, paper side up.
2. Score the release paper with a pin or needle and peel back. 
3. Stick the garment or item to be embroidered in place and smooth out any wrinkles.
    *Tip - It is necessary to use "soft" water to get optimal rinse results with this product.
4. Repeat steps 2 - 4 from above.

Floriani's Wet N Gone Fusible Product Identity
FWGF910     9" X 10 yds







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Wet N Gone Fusible Water Soluble Stabilizer by Floriani (FWGF)
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