Screw for Thread Take-Up Lever for Brother, Baby Lock Sewing Machines # 132051022 (Alt # 132051052)

Screw for Thread Take-Up Lever for Brother, Baby Lock Sewing Machines # 132051022 (Alt # 132051052)

Genuine Brother part. Replacement screw for the thread take-up lever assembly. Item number 41 in the secondary picture (from one of the machines listed below). The other items are shown for reference only and are not included. Shown larger than actual size. Click image to enlarge--browser back button to return.

For use with Brother: ACE 100, BC1000, BC2100, BC2100WT, BC2300, BC2500, BM2600, BM2700, BM3500, BM3600, BOUTIQUE, BP2100, BP2150L, BQ2450, BQ3050, BX2925PRW, CAMPUS 150, CE1000, CE1008, CE1100PRW, CE4000, CE4400, CE5000, CE5000PRW, CE5500, CE5500PRW, CE5500T, CE6006, CE6070T, CE7070PRW, CE8080, CE8080PRW, CE8100, CH801, COMFORT 10, COMFORT 12, COMFORT 15, COMFORT 25, COMFORT 25A, COMFORT 35A, COMFORT 40E, COMFORT 60E, CP2410, CP6500, CP7500, CS80, CS100t, CS770, CS4000, CS5000H, CS5055PRW, CS6000, CS6000b, CS6000i, CS6000t, CS7000H, CS8000, CS8060, CS8070, CS8072, CS8080, CS8100, CS8120, CS8130, CS8150, CS8800PRW, CS9100, CX155LA, CX205LA, CX310LA, DS120, DS140, DS1300, DZ820E, DZ1500F, DZ1500FL, DZ2400, DZ2750, DZ3000, DZ3400, ES2000, ES2000T, ES2010, ES2020, ES2200, ES2210, ES2220, ES2400, ES2410, ES2420, EX660, FB1453, FS20, FS40, FS40WT, FS100WT, FS101, FS130QC, FS155, GA15, GL21, HC1850, HC3010, HC7140, HE120, HE120PKG, HQ17, HQ27, HQ33, HS1000, HS2000, HS2500, HS3000, HS9500, JS23, JS40E, JS50E, JS60E, L15, L25, L30, L35, L40, LS590, LS1217, LS1217B, LS1317, LS1417, LS1520, LS2000, LS2020P, LS2125, LS2125b, LS2125i, LS2129, LS2130, LS2150, LS2160, LS2250PRW, LS2300PRW, LS2350, LS2400, LS2720, LS2725, LS2820, LS2825, LS2920, LS3000, LS3125, LS5000, LX2375, LX3014, LX3125, LX3125e, MINISTAR BLUE, MINISTAR PINK, ML55, ML65, ML75, MS4, MS4NT, MS5, MS5NT, MS6, MS6NT, MS60, NC21-S2, NC21-S3, NC21-SE, NV150, NV150SE, NV200, NV200Q, NV210, NV250, NV300, NV350SE, NV400, NV400SE, NV410, NV450, NV500, NV500, NV500D, NV550, NV550SE, NV600, NV610, NV650, NV670, NV700E, NV700EII, NV750D, NV750E, NV770E, NV780D, NV1000, NV1200, NV1250D, NV1500, NV1500D, NV2200, NV2500D, NV2800D, NV4000, NV4000D, NV4000D LTD, NV4500D, NV4750D, NV5000, NV6000D, NV6700D, NV6750D, NV200, NX200LE, NX200QE, NX250, NX250V, NX250X, NX400, NX400LE, NX400Q, NX450, NX450Q, NX570Q, NX600, NX650, NX650Q, NX800, NX2000, PC15, PC210, PC210PRW, PC420, PC420PRW, PC660LA, PC2800, PC3000, PC8500D, PE700, PE700II, PE750D, PE770, PE780D, PQ1300, PQ1500, PQ1500S, PQ1500SL, PRESTIGE 50, PRESTIGE 100, PRESTIGE 200, PRESTIGE 300, PS21, PX100, PX100HC, PX100NTC, PX110NTC, PX150, PX200, PX200HC, PX200NTC, PX220NTC, PX300, PX300HC, PX300NTC, PX330NTC, QC1000, QC2000, QS480, QS960, ROSE VIOLET, ROSE WINE, RPX100, RS5, RS7, RS9, RS11, RS15, RS20, RS25, RS30, RS35, RS240, RS250, RS260, RXL5130, RXL5232, RXL5340, SB700T, SB1000T, SB3129, SB4138, SB7900E, SB8000, SC707, SC3000, SC6600, SC9500, SE270D, SE1800, SF100, SF200, SF250, SF300, SG2100D, SL7, SM340E, SM360E, SM6500PRW, SM8270, SQ9000, SQ9050, SQ9130, SQ9185, SQ9285, SQ9310, STAR 1000, SUPER ACE II, SUPER ACE III, SUPER ACE SPECIAL EDITION, V3, V3SE, V5, VE2200, VE2300, VESTA, VESTO, VM5100, VM6200D, VQ2, VQ2400, VQ3000, VX1435, VX3240, X5, XE1, XJ1, XL2120, XL2120PRO, XL2121, XL2130, XL2130NT, XL2140, XL2150, XL2220, XL2220NT, XL2220 PLUS, XL2230, XL2240, XL2250, XL2600, XL2600i, XL2610, XL2620, XL2620SE, XL2630, XL3010, XL3022, XL3025, XL3100, XL3200, XL3500, XL3500i, XL3500T, XL3510, XL3510T, XL3520, XL3600, XL3750, XL3750FS, XL3800, XL4010, XL4010AV, XL4011, XL4012, XL4013, XL4014, XL4015, XL4015AV, XL4020, XL4021, XL4021AV, XL4022, XL4023, XL4024, XL4025, XL4030, XL4040, XL4041, XL4041AV, XL4045, XL5010, XL5010NTP, XL5011, XL5011AV, XL5011NTC, XL5011NTP, XL5012, XL5012AV, XL5012NTP, XL5012NTP AV, XL5020, XL5020NTP, XL5021, XL5021AV, XL5021NTC, XL5021NTP, XL5022AV, XL5022NTP, XL5022NTP AV, XL5030, XL5030NTP, XL5031, XL5031AV, XL5031NTC, XL5031NTP, XL5032, XL5032AV, XL5032NTP, XL5032NTP AV, XL5050, XL5050NTC, XL5050NTC AV, XL5060, XL5060NTC, XL5060NTC AV, XL5070, XL5070NTC, XL5070NTC AV, XL5130, XL5232, XL5300, XL5340, XL5500, XL5500SE, XL5500HC, XL5500NTC AV, XL5600, XL5600HC, XL5600NTC AV, XL5700, XL5700HC, XL5700NTC AV, XL5700SE, XL6040, XL6041, XL6042, XL6043, XL6050, XL6051, XL6052, XL6053, XL6053NTP, XL6060, XL6061, XL6062, XL6062NTP, XL6053, XL6053NTP, XL6063, XL6063NTP, XL6452, XL6562, XP1, XR31, XR32, XR33, XR34, XR35, XR36, XR36HC, XR46, XR52, XR52C, XR65T, XR1300, XR1355, XR3140, XR3240, XR3340, XR4040, XR6060, XR6600, XR7700, XR9000, XR9500PRW, XS3109, XV8500D, XV8550D, and others.

For use with Baby Lock: B15, B17, B21, BL37, BL200A, BL6300, BL6800, BL7800, BLAR, BLCC, BLCC2, BLDC, BLDC2, BLG, BLG2, BLG2-NZ, BLG3, BLL, BLMR, BLN, BLQC, BLQC2, BLQP, BLR, BLR2, BLR3, BLSO, BLSOG, BLSR, BLSY, BLTP, ESN, INT, and others.

Check your manual for part number(s): 132051022, 132051052,

Screw for Thread Take-Up Lever for Brother, Baby Lock Sewing Machines # 132051022 (Alt # 132051052)
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