Floriani Chrome Sewing Machine & Embroidery Needles by Schmetz

Floriani Chrome Needles by Schmetz (130 705 H)
Why Chrome?   It is not an easy task to improve the best needles ever made, but Floriani Chrome by Schmetz does offer a class of needles never seen before in the Home Sewing/Quilting/Embroidery Industry. The Commercial Sewing Industry realized the advantages Chrome brought to the performance of commercial equipment many years ago, and Floriani now offers those same advantages to the Home Industry. Floriani Chrome by Schmetz gives consumers a more durable and better performance needle. Floriani Chrome by Schmetz offers needles with superior strength that are much longer lasting, and are guaranteed to deliver the perfect stitch for every fabric type, every time. Only Schmetz could produce a needle worthy of the Floriani Brand, and Floriani is proud to offer the Home Sewing, Quilting and Embroidery Industry the best needles ever made. Floriani Chrome by Schmetz!
All needles sold as 5-per-pack except Wing/Hemstitch and Twins which are singles.

Simply check the boxes for the packs you want and then use the "Add to Shopping Cart" button. The quantities can be adjusted in the shopping cart. For uneven quantities please add to your cart separately.

Universal Sewing Needles
This all-purpose needle is ideal for general sewing.
It features a slightly rounded ball point – perfect for
a variety of fabrics including knits and woven. 5 per pkg.

  Order # 9424 Universal Size 60/8 $3.62
  Order # 9425 Universal Size 70/10
  Order # 9426 Universal Size 80/12
  Order # 9427 Universal Size 90/14
  Order # 9423 Universal Size 100/16
Topstitch Sewing Needles
The extra-long eye of this specialty needle makes it ideal when working with heavy, multiple, poor quality or large diameter threads. Achieve perfectly straight stitching lines, even on dense fabrics. 5 per pkg.
  Order # 9440 Topstitch Size 70/10 $6.59
  Order # 9441 Topstitch Size 80/12 $6.99
  Order # 9442 Topstitch Size 90/14 $6.99
  Order # 9443 Topstitch Size 100/16 $6.59
Leather Sewing Needles
This needles unique cutting point lends itself to precise stitching on leather, artificial leather and heavy non-woven synthetics. Not intended for use on knit or woven fabrics. 5 per pkg.
  Order # 9448 Leather Size 90/14 $5.49
  Order # 9449 Leather Size 100/16
Denim Sewing Needles
Use for penetrating extra thick densely woven fabrics, denim or multi-layers of fabrics. Features a modified medium ball point and reinforced blade which lends itself to minimum needle deflection, reduced risk of needle breakage and/or skipped stitches. 5 per pkg.
  Order # 9428 Denim Size 90/14 $5.49
  Order # 9429 Denim Size 100/16
Stretch Sewing Needles
Created for sewing synthetic suede or highly elastic knitwear, such as swimsuits, costumes and dancewear. The medium ball point, specially designed eye and deep scarf prevent skipped stitches. 5 per pkg.
  Order # 9434 Stretch Size 75/11 $5.99
  Order # 9435 Stretch Size 90/14
Quilting  Needles
The special taper to the slightly rounded point helps to prevent damage to fabrics sewn in layers and allows easier fabric penetration which helps eliminate skipped stitches. This needle is made especially for piecing and machine quilting. 5 per pkg.
  Order # 9438 Quilting Size 75/11 $5.99
  Order # 9439 Quilting Size 90/14
Microtex Needles
This distinctive needle features a very thin acute point for creating beautiful topstitching and for stitching on delicate or unique fabrics such as modern, micro fibers, high-thread count batiks, polyester, silk, foils, artificial leather and coated materials. When precision is vital such as for quilt piecing, achieve perfectly straight stitches using Microtex. 5 per pkg.
  Order # 9430 Microtex Size 60/8 $4.94
  Order # 9431 Microtex Size 70/10
  Order # 9432 Microtex Size 80/12
  Order # 9433 Microtex Size 90/14
Metallic Needles
Designed with an enlarged - polished eye to accommodate sensitive specialty threads. The unique elongated eye is essential to preventing shredding and breaking of metallic threads. 5 per pkg.
  Order # 9444 Metallic Size 80/12 $6.99
  Order # 9445 Metallic Size 90/14
Embroidery Needles
Use with specialty embroidery threads. The distinct scarf, widened groove & enlarged eye protect fragile threads & guard against excess friction allowing trouble-free embroidery and decorative stitching. The light ball point makes this needle friendly to a large variety of fabrics. 5 per pkg.
  Order # 9436 Embroidery Size 75/11 $5.99
  Order # 9437 Embroidery Size 90/14
Twin / Double Needles
Twin or Double needles are actually two needles mounted on one shank used to create two rows of stitches simultaneously – Ideal for creating hems and unique topstitching. When using a double needle, two spools of thread will be used in the top of the machine. Pass the thread from each one on a different side of the tension discs and thread into each needle. Only one bobbin thread will be used and the stitches will create a double “web” of stitches on the back of the work. Most Important! – Remember that the needles must t through the hole in the stitch plate – a straight stitch plate cannot be used. Carefully hand turn the needle through the stitch movements before actually trying it on the project to assure that the throat plate opening will accommodate the needle and the design! 1 per pkg.
  Order # 9452 Universal Twin Size 1.6/80 $4.39
  Order # 9453 Universal Twin Size 3.0/90
  Order # 9454 Universal Twin Size 4.0/90
  Order # 9455 Universal Twin Size 6.0/100

  Order # 9456 Embroidery Twin Size 2.0/75

  Order # 9457 Stretch Twin Size 4.0/75
Hemstitch / Wing Sewing Needles
Use the hemstitch needle (also known as a “wing” needle) on light or medium weight loosely woven fabrics, such as linen and batiste. This very sharp needle features a “wing” on each side which pierces / cuts holes into the fabric to create unique decorative openwork. The user may want to use a stabilizer and experiment with decorative stitches. Carefully hand turn the needle through the stitch movements before actually trying it on a project to assure the throat plate opening will accommodate the design! 1 per pkg.
  Order # 9450 Hemstitch/Wing Size 100/16 $3.84
  Order # 9451 Hemstitch/Wing Size 120/19

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