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Please read this page as it contains important information about our ordering, shipping, fraud prevention, returns, warranty, and privacy policies.

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3846 Tamiami Trail, Unit D
Port Charlotte, FL 33952
(941) 766-7118

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Monday thru Friday -- 9am-530pm
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About Us    Located in Southwest Florida USA as a brick-and-mortar store since 1995, opened it's cyber-doors in May of 2000. We have grown steadily since then by providing great products at very competitive prices with prompt order processing. Our shipping department known for accuracy and for taking pride in their work. The person currently responsible for order processing has been with us since February of 2008. He has processed in excess of 58,000 orders in that time.  Return to the Top of the page.

Why Shop With Us     Price. Selection. Service. Security.
  Price---We have competitive prices due to our policy of pricing our items using a formula--not "how much can we get away with" like some websites seem to do. Our pricing formula is essentially "what is the lowest amount we can sell this item for based on our cost." While some competitors may lure you with lower initial S/H, please consider that our items are usually 10 to 20% less expensive than theirs.  Selection---We offer numerous lines of thread and software. Thread lines are offered in wide ranges of colors. We also offer a considerable number of feet, hoops, parts and other accessories for embroidery, sewing, and quilting machines---sergers too! There are hundreds of additional items stocked by our suppliers that can be special ordered fairly quickly.  Service---Orders are processed daily--often the same day, and the majority by the end of the business day following receipt. Security---Our website is powered by Yahoo! Stores which means we have the power of security and the latest technology protecting your credit card number and information through their secure servers. Paying with PayPal adds an extra amount of security as the amount of information shared during the transaction is further limited.  Return to the Top of the page.

Online Ordering    Simply add item(s) to the shopping cart, adjust quantities as needed, and complete a short checkout process (feel free to checkout as a Guest). For item pages with more than one choice please be sure to make your item selections prior to pressing the "Add to Shopping Cart" button. Once an item has been added to the shopping cart, the shopping cart can be returned to at any time by clicking the "Show Shopping Cart" button found in the navigation panel on the left side of any item page.  Return to the Top of the page.

Adding To An Order That Was Just Placed     It may be possible to an to an order that was recently placed if a credit card was used as the payment method. Call us as soon as possible and if we can add to your order we will be glad to. (941) 766-7118. If PayPal was the payment method item(s) cannot be added to as the authorized dollar amount on a PayPal transaction cannot be raised. Orders that have already been processed cannot be added to as the transaction will have already been completed by that time.  Return to the Top of the page.

Minimum Order     There is no minimum order on our website. Feel free to place an order for one pack of needles or one spool of thread if you need to.
  Return to the Top of the page.

Payment Methods Accepted     Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal. For credit card orders, be sure to enter the proper billing address information. A credit card billing address that does not match the account may cause a delay while the order is reviewed per fraud prevention guidelines. See also Security / Fraud Prevention.  Return to the Top of the page.

Gift Orders     Placing an order that is a gift to the recipient? Please note that it is "gift" in the comment field of checkout and we will only include a packing list with the shipment (no prices are shown). This can also be used by business owners who do not want their employees to see our prices. See Using "Bill-To" and "Ship-To" section if sending a gift order to a secondary address as a credit card is the required payment method.  Return to the Top of the page.

Using "Bill-To" and "Ship-To"     PayPal requires that the order is shipped to the address that the PayPal account is registered to. PayPal does not permit the use of separate bill-to and ship-to addresses (that is why the area is grayed-out in the shopping cart). If you need to place an order that you need shipped to a secondary location (e.g.: your work, your sister, your sewing buddy,...) please use a credit card. Be sure to enter the proper bill-to and ship-to address information. A credit card billing address that does not match the account may cause a delay while the order is reviewed per fraud prevention guidelines.
  Return to the Top of the page.

Phone Orders    Sorry--we cannot process phone orders at this time. Our current credit card transaction provider's heightened security measures have charge transactions limited to those received through our website. PayPal must also be used online. We apologize for any inconvenience.  Return to the Top of the page.

Special Orders     Items that state an expected shipping delay (e.g.: "Usually ships 5 to 7 business days") are SPECIAL ORDERS (the cause of their shipping delay). We place orders with our suppliers on a daily basis. Special orders are simply ordered along with all of the items we are already ordering to replenish our stock. All special order items are ordered from the item's supplier at our earliest opportunity--often the same or next day. Once an item is already in transit from the supplier your order with us CANNOT be canceled. It is also at this time that the funds for the order will likely be charged. Backing out of a special order after it is already in transit to us from it's supplier WILL result in the shipping charges (inbound and return) and any supplier restocking fee being deducted from any refund. Special order item return eligibility after customer receipt: sorry but due to our suppliers limited windows for return, the expenses of all of the shipping involved, and our suppliers restocking fees, there are generally NO returns on special orders. Please take any necessary steps to ensure the special order item(s) will meet your needs before placing the order.  Return to the Top of the page.

Order Processing    Orders are processed daily and usually within 24 to 48 of our having received them. Orders are processed in the order in which they are received (FIFO First In, First Out). Orders are retrieved from our website each morning and during the day when possible. It is our goal to have an order processed either the same day or within one business day. If, for instance, we retrieve an order on Wednesday morning, it is our goal to have it processed either that day or no later than the end of the business day Thursday. Please note that we are open Tuesday through Saturday and closed on Sunday, Monday, and major holidays. With Tuesday being the start of our work-week it is our busiest day. Orders placed late Saturday and over the weekend will begin to be processed on Tuesday when the new work-week begins. Small delays can happen if weekend order volume is higher than normal.  Return to the Top of the page.

Order Status    Checking the status of your order is as easy as clicking a link in your Order Confirmation Email. If you have deleted your Order Confirmation Email or did not receive it due to an email-address-typo or an aggressive SPAM filter simply call or email us. If the order was placed recently and the status is not yet set please check back shortly or the following morning. Once the order has been processed the status will be listed as "shipped" and the tracking number will likely be present. Tracking numbers are not usually available on drop-shipments. While not likely, if the status of an order lists a delay of 7 or more days contact our purchasing person (941) 766-7118. Purchasing can advise when the order will be able to be processed by our shipping department. Please have your order number ready to avoid delay.  Return to the Top of the page.

Items With a Stated Delay     Orders containing item(s) with a stated delay (e.g.: "Availability: Usually ships 5 to 7 business days") or a stated availability issue (e.g.: "Availability: Contact us for availability") will be shipped when the order is complete.

 "Ship 5 to 7 business days" indicates an item that we do not keep in our stock. We order it from our supplier as needed. We order from our suppliers every day so there is not likely a problem. We simply cannot stock every item. Some items are for use with very few machines, or for very old models. Other items are simply not in enough demand. Most of these special order items are listed with a greater discount than what would be required to cover the expensive of us keeping them in our stock.

"Contact us for availability" indicates that even our suppliers are out of an item and the exact date the item will be available is likely unknown. Due to the global nature of the manufacturing and distribution of parts and accessories, when a supplier runs out of an item it can often be weeks before they receive a supply from the overseas manufacturer. This is well beyond our control and the reason this availability note is put in place when we are aware of a problem item. If the availability statement is ignored or overlooked an order may be held until it is complete and/or canceled depending on the circumstances.  Return to the Top of the page.

USPS Package Pick-Up     USPS
visits us daily between 10 and 11am eastern time for package pick-up (excluding USPS holidays). Transit-time for USPS Priority Mail is generally 2-3 business days to any location within the continental USA. USPS, while being very reliable, does not guarantee an exact delivery date. Please track your package on the USPS website using the tracking number provided. See also Transit Times.  Return to the Top of the page.

Tracking Your Shipment     Please check your Order Status Page (linked from your confirmation email) for the tracking number(s). Also, while printing your USPS shipping label, USPS is provided your email address which they use to email you the tracking number and a link to track the shipment on their website. If you have deleted the USPS shipment notification email or did not receive it due to an email-address-typo or an aggressive SPAM filter simply call or email us.  Return to the Top of the page.

Transit Times     Domestic shipments: USPS Priority Mail generally takes 2 to 3 business days for delivery. USPS First Class Mail generally takes 2 to 4 business days. The time-frame starts once the package has been collected from our store by the USPS. USPS tracking will list an "Expected Delivery Date" which, per their website, is "the estimated delivery day based on the origin and the destination of your package. Delivery on a specific day is not guaranteed." UPS Ground can take anywhere from 1 to 8 business day from that date the package is collected by UPS. Review the UPS Transit Map HEREInternational shipments: USPS Priority Mail International has an expected transit time of "6 to 10 business days to many major markets" (additional days may be required for local delivery to some locations). Many destination countries will use the USPS article (tracking) number of an item once they have taken possession of it. In order words, initial tracking would be done with USPS and once your postal authority has the item tracking may be offered through them (often using the same article number).  Return to the Top of the page.

Shipping Rates -- Domestic (USA)     Shipping rates are displayed as part of our header logo and shown on every page.

Most Orders Ship for FREE Claim     This statement is based on the fact that the average order is over $50.00 and therefore ships for FREE. Applies to orders shipped within the USA only. The claim/statement that "only small orders pay a handling charge" is based on an order of less than $20.00 being considered "small." Orders $20.00 and higher ship for a charge of $5.50 or less. Since we will often be paying more than the amount collected to actually ship most packages no "handling" can generally be said to have been charged by us. Also applies to orders shipped within the USA only.  Claims aside, we welcome orders of any size.  Return to the Top of the page.

Shipping Rates -- International    
SUSPENDED DUE TO PANDEMIC. Rates vary by location, size, and weight. To get an estimate of international shipping charges please click HERE. Shipping to Canada starts at $23.99 (our actual cost). Shipping to all other countries that we service starts at $33.99. Rates are not based on the value of the contents (it is insurance is priced in this manner). These prices are for USPS Priority Mail International. Note that UPS services are substantially higher in nearly all cases.  Return to the Top of the page.

Locations That We Ship To     We are located in the USA. We ship to all U.S. states, territories, and APO/FPO locations. We also ship to most major countries as permitted by our credit card service provider. For the complete, current list please refer the to country drop-down menu within the shopping cart. Thank you for your understanding as we work within PayPal and the credit card company's requirements. For information about New Zealand's YouShop program please click HERE.  Return to the Top of the page.

Sales Tax
-- USA -- Outside Florida     There will be no tax charged. We are not currently required by the state of Florida to collect sales tax on orders that are shipped out of the state of Florida. If any taxes are due to your home state that is between you and your respective state. Our shopping cart will not assess tax on out-of-state orders so arranging tax exempt status is not required if your order ships anywhere outside of Florida.  Return to the Top of the page.

Sales Tax -- USA -- Inside Florida    
Any order shipped within Florida will be assessed sales tax. The shopping cart will add sales tax based on the rate of our county. If the destination county has a lower sales tax rate an adjustment will be made prior to the authorization being turned into an actual charge. See also Sales Tax Exemptions.  Return to the Top of the page.

Sales Tax Exemptions    
If you are within Florida and feel your purchases qualify for "sales tax exemption for re-sale purposes" please contact our accounting department prior to placing an order. You will need to provide our accounting person with the necessary documents to have an account setup as tax-exempt. Being setup for sales tax exemption is not something that can be accomplished in the shopping cart nor by our shipping department. Only our accounting person can approve and setup an account in this manner. Please phone (941) 766-7118 and speak to the store manager prior to placing your order.  Return to the Top of the page.

Parts Look-Up Assistance    We have parts manuals for most Brother home sewing, embroidery, and serger machines. We also also have some parts manuals for other brands such as Baby Lock and Elna. If you need a replacement part for your home sewing machine we can likely look it up for you. If the item is not for sale on our website we may be able to add it. Normal maintenance items are in stock for most popular Brother and Baby Lock machines. Contact us at the number below. You can also search our website for your model  BROTHER  BABY LOCK  OTHER. Search for your model--if it is listed you will see a list of the items that we offer for it (example).  Return to the Top of the page.

Contact Us     Please read carefully and choose accordingly to avoid delay. (941) 766-7118

  • Questions about an order that was placed within the past couple days contact Gary at
  • Questions about an order that was placed 7 or more days ago that has not shipped contact our purchasing person (941) 766-7118
    Please have your order number ready to avoid delay
  • Questions about using the items that we sell please phone (941) 766-7118 and speak to one of our retail store associates
  • Questions about our website or how to place an order contact Gary at

(pending) does our Purchasing (amongst many other things). Gary N. works in Shipping/Order Processing.  Return to the Top of the page.

Our Physical Address
Tops Vacuum & Sewing (Formerly Expert Sewing Center, Inc.)
3846 Tamiami Trail Unit D
Port Charlotte, FL  33952  USA
(941) 766-7118

Port Charlotte is located in Southwest Florida, on the Gulf Coast, about halfway between Sarasota and Fort Myers.  Return to the Top of the page.

Store Hours     Tuesday through Friday 930am to 5pm, Saturday 1030am to 3pm (eastern USA time zone). Closed Sunday/Monday (our weekend). We are also closed on major holidays that occur Tuesday through Saturday. Major holidays that fall on a Sunday or Monday will usually cause us to be closed on the preceding Saturday as we too enjoy our all-too-infrequent but much deserved three-day weekends.  Return to the Top of the page.

What Is "Best-Way" Shipping     "Best-Way" is a shipping industry term (no, it is not the name of a carrier). It simply means that shipping costs and transit times are considered when choosing the carrier and shipping method. In our case we are required by the credit card service provider to use a shipping method with a level of "proof-of-mailing & proof-of-delivery" on all shipments. As it happens USPS Priority Mail meets these requirements while also generally having the lowest costs and (possibly) more importantly it is the fastest service.  Return to the Top of the page.

Why We Use USPS Priority Mail     Besides the fact that USPS Priority Mail is fast, reliable, and relatively reasonably priced, our credit card service provider requires us to use a service with a minimum level of "proof-of-mailing & proof-of-delivery." USPS Priority Mail is generally the lowest-priced service that includes these features. Also, USPS provides the Priority Mail boxes and envelopes. If we had to purchase thousands of brown boxes and manila envelopes that would add a noticeable amount to the prices of our products. UPS Ground is also available to us for larger and/or heavier packages but generally at a much higher price. For the average shipment UPS might cost 60-80% more to use (and it could have twice the transit time).  Return to the Top of the page.

Shipping Information -- General / USA     Nearly all of our shipments go out USPS Priority Mail (from Port Charlotte, FL, USA). It is advisable to provide your shipping address in the exact format as it is recognized by the USPS. Unofficial or non-standard abbreviations, driving directions instead of just the address, missing information (N, S, E, W,...), or any number of other creative ways people deviate from the USPS format of their address could delay your order. The computer at the USPS shipping label printing website is fairly good at correcting spelling errors but it is not very good at correcting format errors. USPS Priority Mail has an expected transit time of "2-3 business days" anywhere within the continental USA. Once an order has shipped, the carrier and tracking number will be available on your Order Status Page (linked from your confirmation email). Please allow the USPS extra delivery time during the holidays, other peak shipping times of the year, and in the event of unforeseen delays such as those caused by winter storms, blizzards, hurricanes, worker strikes, etc...  Return to the Top of the page.

Shipping Information -- Special / USA     "Special" meaning aerosol cans, oversized items, and heavy packages. Some items such as aerosol cans and larger/heavier items ship UPS Ground. UPS Ground has a transit time of 1-8 business days depending on your distance from us. The UPS Transit Map can be reviewed HERE (it estimates transit times). Once an order has shipped, the carrier and tracking number will be available on your Order Status Page (linked from your confirmation email).  Return to the Top of the page.

Shipping Information -- Alaska / Hawaii     We actually ship to Alaska and Hawaii quite often. Most orders to Alaska or Hawaii ship without any issues, just like any other state or territory. However unlikely, we reserve the right to cancel an order to either destination. The most likely cause for this would be an order with very high actual shipping costs. Aerosol cans and some other chemicals will be removed from any order shipping to Alaska or Hawaii as they are not permitted for Air shipments. Mahalo or Quyana for understanding.  Return to the Top of the page.

Shipping Information -- APO / FPO     Shipments to APO, FPO, and other overseas US military must be made using USPS Priority Mail. It is therefore required that we are provided the shipping address in the proper format as recognized by the USPS to avoid delay. Aerosol cans and some other large and/or heavy items cannot be shipped to APO/FPO. Aerosol cans and some other chemicals will automatically be removed from any order shipping to an APO/FPO address. Large and/or heavy orders will be reviewed and shipped whenever possible. Also note that mail to these destinations can sometimes have a longer transit time, even beyond what the USPS quotes via tracking. USPS delays can occur for various reasons (unknown to us) please be patient with the USPS as they work to deliver your order to whatever corner of the world you currently find yourself in. Enlisted personnel: Thank You For Your Service.  Return to the Top of the page.

Shipping Information -- US Territories     Please leave the country set to United States in the shopping cart. Shipments to US Territories must be made using USPS Priority Mail. It is therefore required that we are provided the shipping address in the proper format as recognized by the USPS to avoid delay. It cannot be stressed enough--the USPS Click-N-Ship website will not print a shipping label to an address it either does not recognize due to improper format or to an address USPS does not service. Unfortunately there has been a recurring problem from certain territories in the past--shoppers provide an address that is rejected by the USPS website. After much time spent back and forth we either find that the correct address format is substantially different that what was initially provided or the true format is never determined. We do not wish to be unpleasant about this but if an address is provided that USPS rejects we will email for the correction. If the reply does not include a useable address we will have no choice but to cancel the order. Also, however unlikely, we reserve the right to cancel an order from any U.S. territory. The most likely cause for this would be an order with very high actual shipping costs. Aerosol cans and some other chemicals will be removed from any order shipping to a U.S. territory as they are not permitted for Air shipments.  Return to the Top of the page.

Shipping Information -- Drop-Shipments     Most orders are not drop-shipped---they are shipped directly from our location. Unfortunately most of our suppliers do not offer drop-shipping services. In some cases orders are drop-shipped. Examples of items that can be drop-shipped are as follows: Sew Steady Tables, Isacord 5km cones (orders containing solely Isacord 5km and of (8) or more cones), an order consisting solely of Maxi-Lock thread with a minimum value of $200.00, and select Handi-Quilter items. Drop-shipping is useful when an order exceeds our stock and is used to eliminate delays (the order goes from our supplier directly to the customer).  Return to the Top of the page.

Shipping Information -- Misc     Miscellaneous shipping policies and notes. UPS does not ship to PO Boxes. UPS Ground service is limited to the continental USA. We do not currently offer Air or Overnight shipping on our website. We do not currently use FEDEX as a carrier. We must reserve the right to cancel an order placed from Alaska, Hawaii, US territory, or any destination when it is simply not feasible to be shipped due to it's size or the cost of shipping. Aerosol cans and some other chemicals will be removed from any order shipping to a P.O. Box and/or outside of the continental U.S. as they are not permitted for Priority Mail or air shipments.  Return to the Top of the page.

Shipping Information -- International    
SUSPENDED DUE TO PANDEMIC. We use and recommend USPS Priority Mail International. USPS Priority Mail International has an expected transit time of "6 to 10 business days to many major markets" (additional days may be required for local delivery to some locations). Once an order has shipped, the carrier and tracking number will be available on your Order Status Page (linked from your confirmation email). In some cases we can also ship using UPS Standard to Canada, UPS Worldwide Express or UPS Worldwide Expedited but the costs can be far higher. The shipment of aerosol cans and some other chemicals is not permitted and these items will be removed from any orders. However unlikely, we reserve the right to cancel an order to any destination if the costs for us to ship it are beyond what was assessed by the shopping cart (and the recipient is not willing to pay the corrected amount).  Return to the Top of the page.
Shipping Information
New Zealand     Buyers from New Zealand can use the New Zealand Post's YouShop service to save on the high costs of international shipping. Find out more on the New Zealand Post website HERE. Note: New Zealanders not wishing to use NZP's YouShop service are still welcome to shop with us. We will gladly ship your package directly to you.

YouShop disclaimer: Please note that SewingSupplyWarehouse is not affiliated with YouShop. SewingSupplyWarehouse is not responsible for the fate of your package once it is in the hands of YouShop. Once the package is tracked and marked delivered to YouShop it is YouShop that is responsible for the package from that point forward. SewingSupplyWarehouse is not responsible for articles lost by YouShop. YouShop has had a terrific track record since it has been allowed on our site but ultimately you use it at your own risk.  Return to the Top of the page.

Customs, Duty, Import Taxes    
The claiming of an international package from customs and the paying of any duty and/or import taxes is solely the responsibility of the buyer (known by customs as the importer). The amount of duty and/or import taxes that a country charges is beyond our control, does not involve us, and their costs are unknown to us. If you place an order and then abandon the package in your country's customs department because you don't want to pay the duty and/or import taxes that is solely your responsibility. Customs department's will at some point consider a package "abandoned" after which they may dispose of it, so this is not recommended. Abandoning a package in customs does not constitute a return. No refund is due in this case and none will be given. If an abandoned package is returned to us by your country's customs we will contact you regarding re-shipment. Re-shipment charges will be due as the postal service will not refund the original shipping charges--nor will they ship a package the second time for free. If an abandoned package is not to be re-shipped normal restocking charges may apply. It will not be our fault if a package is abandoned and then returned to us. Please check your countries customs, duty, and/or import tax polices and rates prior to placing an order to avoid any "unexpected" costs they may involve.  Return to the Top of the page.

Insurance     Most packages shipped USPS Priority Mail qualify for free insurance coverage up to $50.00 (USPS conditions apply. Learn more HERE). Packages sent using UPS are automatically insured for up to $100.00 (UPS conditions apply. Learn more HERE) . Though insurance is not listed as an option on our site you may ask for additional coverage. If you feel your shipment needs to be insured beyond the coverage listed here please call us for a quote (have your order number ready for faster service). Any subsequent insurance claims will be made by the recipient directly to the carrier.  Return to the Top of the page.

Delays in Transit     At times carriers, either USPS or UPS, can experience delays. Both USPS and UPS have very good histories of delivering shipments accurately and on time. Generally speaking, a delay in transit is not the fault of SewingSupplyWarehouse, but we do sympathize and want to help. The quickest ways to find information on delayed shipments are as follows: USPS shipments call (800) 222-1811, UPS shipments call (800) 742-5877 (800-PICK-UPS). Have your tracking number ready as it is the first thing they will ask you for. If a delay is later found by the carrier to be the result of being provided an incorrect or "undeliverable" address the carrier will likely return the package to us. If this happens we will contact you immediately.
Please allow carriers extra delivery time during the holidays, other peak shipping times of the year, and in the event of unforeseen delays such as those caused by winter storms, blizzards, hurricanes, worker strikes, etc...  Return to the Top of the page.

amage in Transit      If damage or loss occurs during transit it is the responsibility of the carrier (UPS or USPS). A claim can only be made if coverage was present. Please notify us by phone as soon as the damage is discovered. Retain the box and all packing material for carrier inspection. All orders are packaged as securely as possible and care is taken to avoid damage. While damage is not likely it can happen. We cannot escort your package to you so please understand if the carrier has damaged it was beyond our control. If a package has been opened, intentionally or otherwise, during transit and item(s) are missing, any claim will need to be made with the carrier. See also Insurance.  Return to the Top of the page.

Returns For Refund     Items may be returned for refund within 30 days of customer receipt (the date tracking shows the package was delivered to you). Excludes non-returnable items. Simply call us at (941) 766-7118 for an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Number (please have your order number ready for faster service---shown in the "PO #" field on your Web Invoice). Unauthorized returns are not accepted. A package arriving without to our Receiving Department will be refused if an RMA Number is not clearly written on it. Please boldly write your RMA Number on the front of your return package and send it to the address listed elsewhere on this page. Also be sure to include all intact original packaging for the item(s) to ensure proper credit can be given. Your return will be processed as soon as possible and a credit will be applied back to the payment method that you had used to pay for your original order. Shipping charges on the original order may not be refunded. Returns on orders that had discounted or free shipping may cause the order to no longer qualify for the discounted or free shipping and may have our original shipping costs deducted from the refund amount. Sorry, there are no "exchanges" in the old-fashioned sense. Exchanges are not possible on internet orders as they would be if you were physically present in a brick-and-mortar store. Please return whatever item(s) need to be returned and feel free to order the item(s) you actually need as separate processes to avoid delay. Sorry, but there are no refunds on item(s) that you had received more than 30 days ago. In the unlikely event that we have filled your order incorrectly, any return shipping charges will be paid by us (we will email you a pre-paid return shipping label) and we will pay for the shipment of the correct item(s). Return shipping charges an all other returns is the responsibility of the customer.  Return to the Top of the page.

Non-Returnable Items     Items that are not accepted for return are as follows: special orders, patterns, templates, electrical parts, software, memory cards, CDs, DVDs, foot controls, fabric sold by the yard, broken items, items missing parts or their original packaging, items not in a re-sellable condition, partially used thread or stabilizer, and items marked as being on "close-out" at the time of purchase.
Items that can be duplicated (against copyright laws) on a computer or photocopy machine cannot be returned. Embroidery designs, which are classified as software, are not returnable--please confirm an item includes the format that is compatible with your machine before ordering. In the event you believe an item is defective please see the section regarding product Warranty.

Due to the delicate nature of electrical parts there is no return and/or refund on electrical parts. Please be sure you are selecting the exact part that you need prior to placing your order. If you need help please call us at (941) 766-7118. Electrical parts shall be classified as any part that has electricity pass through it e.g.: light bulbs, circuit boards, foot controls, power cords, etc. If you think your foot control is bad please have your machine tested before taking the chance of ordering a foot control because it will not be returnable if it does not solve your problem. Unfortunately our foot control sales figures from 2015 showed an amazing number of foot control returns where the reason given was that "it did not solve the problem." The exception allowing the return of foot controls was ended as a result. Sorry, but shipping foot controls back and forth only benefits USPS.  Return to the Top of the page.

Restocking Fee     Some returns may be subject to a restocking fee (usually 5-15%). This is at the discretion of our supervisor and varies based on the situation.  Return to the Top of the page.

Cancelations -- An Order Needs to Be Canceled    
Orders CANNOT be canceled via email. If an order that has not been shipped needs to be canceled please call us as soon as possible at (941) 766-7118. Please have the order number ready. Orders that have already been shipped CANNOT be canceled. Orders containing special order item(s) that we have already ordered from our supplier cannot be canceled. If you are not sure you want/need the item(s) that will need to be special ordered please do not order them in the first place. Items that state "Ships 5 to 7 business days" (or similar) on our site are items that must be special ordered. They ship in 5 to 7 business days because we do not keep them in stock (but our supplier does). Since email is not recognized as being as reliable as are postal mail or actually speaking to a supervisor, please do not attempt to cancel an order in this manner. It will not be acceptable to claim to have canceled an order via email unless you have received a response from us specifically stating that the order was successfully canceled.  Return to the Top of the page.

Cancelations -- An Order Was Canceled By Us     An order may be canceled by us due to one of the following reasons:

  • Freight Forwarding Companies. Any order received involving a freight-forwarding company will promptly be canceled. This is strictly due to the high rate of fraud associated with these services notably those located in or near Miami, Florida.
  • Paying From One Country and Shipping to Another Country. Any order submitted where the person paying is in one country and the ship-to address is in another country will promptly be canceled. Our credit card company does not permit such a transaction. The list of countries our credit card company allows us to do business can be found in our shopping cart (the drop-down list of countries in the shipping section). If your country is not listed we cannot ship to you--directly or through a third-party.
  • Attempting to Switch the Shipping Address PayPal. If you have paid with PayPal and then contact us requesting that the order be shipped to another address your order will be canceled per PayPal guidelines. PayPal specifically warns against this as it is commonly associated with Internet fraud.
  • Empty Shopping Cart Entry. (See below for further explanation.) If an order has an item subtotal of $0.00 and was placed using PayPal it not possible for us to simply add item(s) to it. The PayPal authorization for the $8.00 shipping will be voided and a new order should be placed.  Return to the Top of the page.
Empty Shopping Cart Entry     Item(s) added to the cart at $0.00 (zero price) will automatically be removed from your order during processing. Due to a "loop-hole" or "glitch" with the Yahoo Store Shopping Cart system it is possible to add what is called an "Empty" entry to the shopping cart. Whether this is done by accident or deliberately is not important. It is important however that customers understand there is no "Free Sample" or "Free Bonus." If you see an item in your shopping cart at $0.00 (zero price) please notice that in the "Options" column of the cart there is no part number. This indicates that no selection was actually made for the item page/cart entry in question. The webpage's title is shown in the "Item" column, the "Unit" price of NO product is therefore $0.00, and the "Quantity" and total "Cost" are subsequently irrelevant because this entry is essentially (X number) of NOTHING(S) at ZERO PRICE. If you experience and Empty Cart Entry please click on it's "Remove" link to eliminate it. Attempting to buy (1), (99), or (1000) of NOTHING at ZERO PRICE will not result in any FREE items being sent to you. Any and all Empty Cart Entries will be automatically deleted without further mention.  Return to the Top of the page.

Contact Us For Availability    
Items on our website with the statement "Availability: Contact Us For Availability" may be omitted from an order approximately one to two weeks from the date that the order was recieved to avoid the further delay in shipping the rest of the order. In some cases this may result in a small shipping charge being added back to the order (if the revised order value drops below $50.00). When our supplier is out of an item for an extended amount of time it may result in our running out and not being to re-supply. When this happens we set the status of the item on our site as "Availability: Contact Us For Availability" as a means of letting our customers know an item has supply issues. You are welcome to phone us to get the current status of the item at (941) 766-7118. Please provide item's the part number to our phone rep. If such an item has been removed from your order please re-order that item at a later date (when the availability note has been removed).  Return to the Top of the page.

Purchase Order Numbers     Placing an order on our website and want to include your company or organization's purchase order number? No problem, just enter the information in the Comment field during checkout and we will make sure the PO# is included on the invoice and shipping label. A packing slip can also be requested if there is a need to keep the prices private. Please add a checkout comment to the effect of "please include a packing slip/email me the invoice" and we will handle it.  Return to the Top of the page.

Purchase Orders     Sorry, w
e no longer accept purchase orders unless your account was already established with us as of January 2014.  Return to the Top of the page.

Open Accounts / Lines of Credit     Sorry, w
e do not extend lines of credit.  Return to the Top of the page.

Product warranties are provide and honored by the product manufacturers and not by Sewing Supply Warehouse. Most warranties are handled directly between the customer and the manufacturer. Some warranties may be handled through Sewing Supply Warehouse. Please call us and we will point you in the right direction. (941) 766-7118. For item(s) where the warranty is handled through us, the customer assumes the responsibility for properly packing, insuring, and shipping the item(s) to Sewing Supply Warehouse for warranty repair or replacement. The customer MUST first call and get an RMA Number for all warranty repairs, all returns without an RMA Number will be refused. Item(s) returned as "defective" that are found to NOT actually be defective may be subject to restocking and/or re-shipment fees.  Return to the Top of the page.

Security / Fraud Prevention    
All sales transactions are encrypted with the most state-of-the-art technology available to insure that all transactions are secure. All transactions are reviewed prior to order shipment. For PayPal transactions this involves PayPal's indications as to whether the shipping address is verified and/or the user being verified. For credit card transactions the security code and billing address that were entered during checkout are checked by the credit card company and they report to us as "match" or "not matched." When facts are reported to us as not having matched or verified we further research the name and address on the order ourselves. We reserve the right to cancel an order that is flagged either by PayPal or the credit card company and/or if the shipping address is otherwise suspect. With credit card fraud on this rise worldwide we pledge to do our small part for our customers. Fraud effects everyone either directly---the actual victims, or indirectly---everyone else by way of cost increases.  Return to the Top of the page.

Privacy Policy    
We do not share or sell our customer mailing lists to anyone. Any information you provide to us is strictly confidential. We NEVER share, sell, rent, or otherwise distribute our customer lists to outside sources except to Yahoo to help improve your shopping experience, see Yahoo disclosure below. Third-Party Web Beacons: We use third-party web beacons from Yahoo! to help analyze where visitors go and what they do while visiting our website. Yahoo! may also use anonymous information about your visits to this and other websites in order to improve its products and services and provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you. If you would like more information about this practice and to know your choices about not having this information used by Yahoo!, click here. All emails will remain private unless you grant us permission to post them on our website.  Return to the Top of the page.

Disclaimer(s)     General: Every effort is made to ensure that our website contains accurate product specifications, application information, and current pricing. If an error found, it is corrected as soon as possible.  Application Errors---Applications listed on our site are verified by us whenever possible--usually from a given machine's user or parts manual. Other times, the application listings are obtained from one of our suppliers. If an order is filled with an incorrect item due to an application listing error we will make it right.  Pricing Errors---Pricing errors can sometimes occur when our supplier has increased our cost on something without notice. In either case, application or pricing, errors can also occur due to a webpage displaying incorrectly or due to a typographical error. In any event, we reserve the right to cancel an order if we cannot fill it within the listed price. While very unlikely, if an error is found, the customer will be contacted and given the choice to either cancel the order or have it filled at the updated/corrected price (again--very unlikely).  Free Downloads---There are many free downloads on our site including thread charts, user manuals, patterns, and spec sheets. Nearly all of them contain information that was prepared by the company behind the product. SewingSupplyWarehouse is not responsible for any specification, informational, or instructional error(s) within a document that originates from an outside company.
Pandemic or States of Emergency: In times of global pandemics, national, state, or other local emergencies any terms or notices posted to our homepage will trump those found on this page.
Content Editing by Devices: Neither SewingSupplyWarehouse, Tops Vacuum & Sewing, nor Yahoo! or affiliated companies are responsible for the viewing or using of our website with a device that edits the content of our site. Our website is designed on a computer and best viewed on a desktop or laptop computer. Some small devices edit the the pages of the websites they display. This is understandable given their often tiny size. This is done however without either the permission of, or notification to, the website owner. Any display of an edited version of our website by a device is done without our consent and is fully beyond our control. Users are welcome to view and use our website with whatever computer or device they wish as long as they understand any omitted content could be pertinent and it's loss is not the responsibility of SewingSupplyWarehouse. Most users of these devices, especially the smaller devices, are already aware and understand that less information is being displayed.
Fabric Dye Lots: Not responsible for fabric dye lot variations. Feel free to contact us. If we are able to provide a dye lot number from our bolt, we will be glad to. Otherwise understand dye lots can vary and this should be taken into consideration when ordering.
Fabric Usage:  All fabrics bolts bear the statement "Not intended for children's sleepwear." This should be kept in mind for any fabric purchased from us that was sold by the yard.    Return to the Top of the page.

Legal     Sewing Supply Warehouse and all related trademarks and logos are copyrighted and the property of Tops Vacuum & Sewing. All rights reserved. No part of this website may be duplicated without permission. All products and their respective trademarks contained within this website are protected by their manufacturers.  Return to the Top of the page.

Other     Whew! Thank you for reviewing our very long-winded and exhausting INFO page. Why is there so much information? Well, one of the ways we keep costs down on our items is by keeping our overall business costs down. This includes having a somewhat limited staff. We keep our costs down and your sewing supplies are less expensive as a result. Every effort was made here to answer the common and uncommon questions helping to eliminate delays while you wait for an answer from us. Feel free to contact us with a question we have missed. (941) 766-7118  Return to the Top of the page.

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