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SYSTEM STATUS: Please be advised that the search function provided by web browsers on some mobile devices are experiencing an issue where secure links are being erroneously marked as "not secure." This is a compatibility issue between the Yahoo! Stores system and the mobile browser. Our pages are in fact "secure" as shown by the "s" in the "https" portion of our page URLs. The Yahoo! Stores system is currently working to make web stores within their system more "more friendly" and are currently working on this issue. Please also be advised the built-in, Yahoo! Stores provided Site Search (just below) is currently returning links that are "not secure" and should not be used. These links are not actually a security threat. Being marked by some web browsers as "not secure" or "unsecure" is an error. Anyone who does follow a link erroneously marked as "not secure" will soon find that whatever page they link to does in fact have "https" at the beginning of the address. The "S" indicating that the page is encrypted/secure. Thank you for your patience as Yahoo! Stores works to resolve this. (note: the Yahoo! search is hard-wired into the site and cannot simply be removed)

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