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Edge-Joining / Stitch-In-The-Ditch Foot, Snap-On, Low Shank (Compare Brother SA184)

Edge-Joining / Stitch-In-The-Ditch Foot, Snap-On, Low Shank (Compare Brother SA184)

This Alphasew accessory is perfect for precise and easy joining of fabrics, even sheers and difficult fabrics. Hold fabrics in place while leaving a space to allow open decorative stitches such as open weave stitches. Reference marks to increase accuracy. Foot can be used to line up and sew edgings such as lace to edges of other fabric. Centered blade enhances ability to follow the edge of the fabric. Usage video on the genuine Brother version page (link below).

For use with Brother: AE1700, AE2500, AE2700, ARTWORK10, ARTWORK33A, ARTWORK37A, AS1430S, AS2730S, BB370, BC1000, BC2100, BC2100PRW, BC2300, BC2500, BM2600, BM2700, BM2800, BM3500, BM3600, BM3700, BM3850, BN27, BN37, BQ17, BQ25, BX2925PRW, CE1100PRW, CE4000, CE5000PRW, CE5500PRW, CE7070PRW, CE8080PRW, CE8100, CP6500, CP7500, CS100T, CS5055PRW, CS6000, CS6000i, CS6000T, CS8072, CS8800PRW, DS120, DS140, Designio DZ3000, ES2000, EX660, FS20, FS40, FS100WT, FS101, FS130QC, FS155, GS2500, GS2510, GS2520, GS2700, GS2750, GS2786K, GS3700, GS3710, GS3750, HANAMI27S, HC1850, HC3010, HE120, HE120PKG, HE240, HS2000, HS2500, HS9500, J14, JS40E, JS50CE, JS50E, JS60E, JS70E, JS1400, JS1410, LB6770, LB6770PRW, LB6770THRD, LB6800, LB6800PRW, LB6800THRD, LS14, LS30, LS590, LX17, LX25, LX27NT, LX1400, LX2500, LX2763, LX3125, LX3125E, LX3500, LX37NT, LX3850, MINISTAR, ML600, ML750, ML900, MODERN30A, MODERN39A, NC21SE, NQ1300PRW, NQ3500D, NQ700PRW, NQ900PRW, Innov-ís NS40, Project Runway Limited Edition Innov-ís NS40e, Innov-ís NS80, Project Runway Limited Edition Innov-ís NS85e, NV15P, NV500D, Innov-ís NV900D, Innov-ís NV950D, NV990D, Innov-ís NV1000, Innov-ís NV1200, Innov-ís NV1250D, Innov-ís NV2500D, NV2600, Innov-ís NV2800D, Innov-ís NV4000D, NX200, NX200QE, NX250, NX400, NX400Q, NX450, NX450Q, Innov-ís NX570Q, NX600, NX650Q, Laura Ashley Innov-is NX800, Laura Ashley Innov-ís NX2000, PC210, PC210PRW, PC420, PC420PRW, Laura Ashley® PC660LA, PC2800, PC3000, PC6000, PC6500, PE270D, PE400D, Pacesetter® PS21, PS53, PS55, PS57, PS3700, QC700, QS480, QS960, RH127, RH137, RL417, RL425, ROSEWINE, RS40S, Simplicity SB170, Simplicity SB530T, Simplicity SB700T, Simplicity SB3129, Simplicity SB4138, Simplicity SB7500, SB8000, SC9500, SE270D, SE350, SE400, SE425, SE1800, SF100, SF200, SF250, SF300, SL300BROTHER, SM2700, SM340E, SM360E, SM3701, STAR27S, STYLE20, STYLE35S, STYLE40E, STYLE50E, STYLE60E, UJ417, UNIVERSAL17, VESTA, VITRAGEM77, VITRAGEM79, DreamCreator™XE VM5100, VQ2, DreamCreator™ VQ2400, DreamWeaver™ VQ3000, VX1435, XL2120, XL2120PRO, XL2130, XL2130NT, XL2140, XL2150, XL2220, XL2220NT, XL2230, XL2240, XL2250, XL2600, XL2600I, XL2610, XL2620, XL2620SE, XL2630, XL2800, XL3500, XL3500T, XL3510, XL3510T, XL3520, XL3600, XL3700, XL3750, XL3850, XL5500, XL5600, XL5600I, XL5700, XL5900, XM2701, XM3700, XM3710, XQ2700, XQ3700, XR1300, XR1355, XR3774, XR40, XR4040, XR6060, XS37, XV, XV8500D, and others.

For use with Baby Lock: BLDY, BLTY, and others.

For use with New Home/Janome: 415, 419S, 2003P, 4612, 4618, 4623LE, 4800QC, 4900QC, 5018, 5124, DC3018, DC3050, Jem Gold 660, Jem Gold 2, Jem Platinum 720 & 760, L393, MC3000, MC3500, MC5700, MC6500, MC6600, MC9000, MC9500, and others.

For use with many Kenmore 385 series top load machines.

Alternate part number(s): P60494 (Alphasew), 200305004 (Janome/New Home), SA184 (Brother), ESG-EJF (Baby Lock),

Compare the genuine Brother SA184 offered HERE.

Edge-Joining / Stitch-In-The-Ditch Foot, Snap-On, Low Shank (Compare Brother SA184)
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