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Scissors & Snips
Scissors & Snips

Havel's Specialty Scissors & Snips
Thread Clipper, Lightweight, 4.75" by Mundial # 601
Top German Quality Brand Scissors 6" Household Size
4" Needle Craft (Curved Tip) Scissors by KAI # 5100C
5" Double Curved Embroidery Scissors by KAI # 5130DC
Batting Scissors by Handi Quilter, Specially Designed, Nearly 12" Overall
'Titanium' Scissors Set (3), Lighter and 3x Stronger Than Stainless Steel, Stays Sharper Longer
Mundial Scissors & Shears
Fiskars Scissors & Snips
Gingher Scissors & Snips
Handy 4" Thread Trimmer
Fiskars Softgrip Touchpoints Spring Action Scissors (9911)
Gingher 3-1/2" Stork Embroidery Scissors (G-ST)
Gingher 4" Embroidery Scissors (G-4)
Gingher 4" Featherweight Thread Snips (01-005307)
Gingher 6" Knife Edge Applique Scissors (G-6R)
Gingher 7" Knife Edge Dressmaker's Shears (G-7)
Gingher 7-1/2" Pinking Shears (G-7P)
Havel's 8" Serrated Sewing/Quilting Scissors (# 30212)
Havel's 9" Dura-Edge Pinking Shears
Havel's 8" Sewing/Quilting Scissors (# 30202)
Havel's 5-1/2" Straight Tip Serrated Embroidery Scissors (# 60140)
Havel's 3-1/2" "Hardanger" Double-Curved, Arrow-Point, Curved/Fine Tip Scissors (# 30028)
Havel's 5-1/2" Ulti-Mates Multi-Angled Machine Embroidery Scissors (# 33025)
Havel's 5" Double-Curved Scissors (# 70040)
Havel's 4-1/2" Snip-A-Stitch Squeeze Scissors (# 33009)
Havel's 4 3/4" "Snip-Eze" Embroidery Scissors (# 33010)
Havel's 5-3/4" Double-Curved/Off-Set Applique Scissors (# 33015)
Mundial 8-1/2" Premium Stainless Knife Edge Dressmaker's Scissors (M660)
Mundial 8-1/2" Premium Stainless Pinking Shears (M665)
Easy Kut 3-1/2" Spring Action Scissors by Tooltron
Nifty Notions 6-1/4" Rag Quilting Snips (NN1214)
Nifty Notions 8" Serrated Nickel-Plated Fabric Shears (NN1215)
4-1/4" Applique & Embroidery Floral Design Pelican Scissors by ToolTron
4-1/2" Mini Applique Scissors with Bill by Nifty Notions (NN1207)
6" Applique Scissors w/Offset by Creative Notions
Electric Seam Ripper - Cordless & Amazing !! - by Wahl Trimmers
Peggy's Stitch Eraser 3 Stitch Removal Tool # PSE3
Basic Embroidery Scissors by Brother # XC1807221 (Old #s XA5771051, XC1807121)
Handy Cut Multi-Purpose Mini Scissors, Precision Pointed Tip
4" Rainbow Unicorn Scissor by Sew Tasty # B4717
Easy Grip Spring-Action Embroidery Snips 4-1/5" by Nifty Notions
Sidehopper Jump Stitch Scissors by Tooltron Industries
Rotary Cutters, Replacement Blades, & Cutting Mats
Rotary Cutters, Replacement Blades, & Cutting Mats

Olfa 60mm Deluxe/Ergonomic Rotary Cutter
Olfa 45mm Replacement Blade (Single)
Olfa 45mm Replacement Blade 5-Pack
Olfa 45mm Pinking Blade
Roll the Gold Titanium-Coated 45mm Rotary Blades 10-Pack
Olfa 60mm Replacement Blade (Single)
Olfa 60mm Replacement Blade 5-Pack
Olfa Rotary Circle Cutter # CMP-3
Omnigrid 45mm Pressure Sensitive Rotary Cutter
True Sharp 2 Power Rotary Blade Sharpener by The Grace Company
Dual Stage 45mm Rotary Blade Sharpener -- Coarse and Fine Sides
Olfa 45mm Rotary Cutter
Olfa 60mm Rotary Cutter
Olfa 18mm Rotary Cutter # RTY-4
Clover Slash Cutter #499
Olfa 18mm Replacement Rotary Blade 2-Pack # RB18-2
Olfa 28mm Replacement Blade 2-Pack # RB28-2
Olfa 28mm Replacement Blades 10-Pack
Olfa 45mm Replacement Blade 10-Pack
Hand-Held Mini-Cutter (2.25") by Reliable # 1000FR
Olfa 12x18 Inch Rotary Cutting Mat
Rotating Self-Healing 12" x 12" Rotary Mat by Olfa (RM-12S)
Olfa 6x8 Inch Rotary Cutting Mat
Olfa 45mm Deluxe/Ergonomic Rotary Cutter
Olfa Splash Cutting Mat 6" x 8" Navy Blue has been serving your embroidery, sewing, and quilting
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