Brother Foot Control (Small Round Metal Plug -- Model T/FC-322)

Brother Foot Control
Small Round Metal Plug -- Model T/FC-322
Genuine Brother foot control fits many Brother model machines.
For use with Brother: AS40, BC1000, BC2100, BC2100PRW, BC2100WT, BC2300, BC2500, BX2925PRW, CAMPUS 300, CE1000, CE1100PRW, CE4000, CE4400, CE5000, CE5000PRW, CE5500, CE5500PRW, CE5500T, CE6006, CE7070PRW, CE8080, CE8080PRW, CE8100, Comfort 40E, Comfort 60E, CP2410, CP6500, CP7500, CS10, CS100t, CS770, CS4000, CS5000H, CS5055PRW, CS5100, CS6000, CS6000b, CS6000i, CS6000t, CS7000H, CS8800PRW, CS9100, CX155LA, DS120, DS140, DS1300, DZ1500FL, DZ2400, DZ2750, DZ3000, ES2000, ES2000t, ES2010, ES2020, ES2200, ES2210, ES2220, ES2400, ES2410, ES2420, EX660, FS20, FS40, FS60, FS70WT, FS100WT, FS101, FS130QC, FS155, FS210, HC1850, HC3010, HE240, HS1000, HS2500, HS3000, HS9500, JK4000, JK7000, JS40E, JS50CE, JS50E, JS60E, JS70E, LB6770, LB6770PRW, LB6770THRD, LB6800, LB6800PRW, LB6800THRD, LB6810, ML600, ML750, ML900, MS4, MS5, MS6, MS40, MS50, MS60, NQ1300PRW, NQ3500D, NQ700PRW, NQ900PRW, NS10, NS20, NS30, NS40, NS40E, NS50, NS80, NS85E, NV10, NV10A, NV15, NV15P, NV15WT, NV20, NV20LE, NV30, NV35, NV50, NV55, NV900, NV900D, NV950D, NV980D, NV990D, NV1000, NV1200, NV1250D, NV1500D, NV2600, NX2000, PQ1500SL, PQ1500SLPRW, QC1000, QC2000, RS240, RS250, RS260, SB700T, SB7500, SB8000, SC707, SC3000, SC6600, SC9500, SE350, SE400, SE425, SE1800, SL500, SM340E, SM360E, SM6500PRW, SM8270, SQ9000, SQ9050, SQ9130, SQ9185, TEDDY 35, TEDDY 55, VM6200D, VQ2, VQ2400, VQ3000, XR1300, XR1355, XR3140, XR4040, XR6060, XR6600, XR7700, XR9000, XR9500PRW, XV, XV8500D, and others.

For use with Baby Lock: BL40A, BL50A, BL137A, BL210A, BLAR, BLCR, BLDY, BLJY, BLMAV, BLMLR, BLMSP, BLN, BLR, BLR2, BLR3, BLSR, BLSY, BLTY, and others.

Check your manual for part number(s): XC8816021, XC8816051, XC8816071, XD0501021, XD0501121, XD0501151, XZ5100001,

Plug approx 1/8" diameter. This foot control has Brother marking "Model T" and "FC-322" on the bottom for easy identification. The machines that use this foot control use a separate power cord found HERE.

Check your manual for part/model/style number listed. Foot control model T/FC-322.
Check your parts catalog, if you have one, for the Brother part that you need and then compare it here.
If you do not possess a Brother part number or need a part number not shown here please contact us.
Contact details on Info page. Please note that the color may vary.

Brother Foot Control (Small Round Metal Plug -- Model T/FC-322)
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